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Welcome to the June blog!

I hope everyone is enjoying the recent good weather and the longer days as we head towards the Summer Solstice.

This provides a great opportunity to really reap the benefits of nature and the outdoors.

In last month's blog I discussed promoting good mental health for your pets and this month, I'll be focusing on how getting outside with your pets can help you look after your own mental health and promote self care.

Pet owners already have significant benefits from sharing their lives with their animals. Repeated studies have shown that pet owners are physically healthier, have lower levels of stress and depression, feel less lonely and when they are ill, have quicker and more successful rates of recovery.

From a personal point of view, my pets have certainly helped me with various health challenges over the years and significantly improved my mental and emotional health too. My little soul mutt Micky saved me during one of the most difficult bouts of illness that I have contended with.

Dog walking has obvious benefits for owners engaging us even more fully with nature.

Forest bathing, a practice first prescribed by Japanese doctors is an excellent form of self care. Walking among trees, the lungs of the earth, is walking through an oxygen rich peaceful environment. Walk mindfully, engaging all your senses watching your dog engage theirs, you might be able to tap into the buried and ancient intelligence that runs through the web of consciousness connecting all plant life.

Being in any green space will enhance your well being and surrounding yourself with flowers and plants indoors too is also hugely beneficial with studies indicating that they increase productivity and focus, increase calmness and help you sleep.

Indoor plants and the colour green are major decorating trends for this year and the increased popularity of green spaces during Covid lockdown, all pointed to our enjoyment and reliance on nature as a natural medicine.

Getting your vitamin sea is also hugely beneficial. Sea air has more negative ions which allows your body to absorb more oxygen and increases seratonin levels associated with lowering stress and increasing feelings of happiness. Of course all us folk in the Ards Peninsula already know that!

There is nothing makes me smile more than watching a dog or horse running up the beach with an euphoric smile on its face!

Beaches and green spaces are also great places to practice barefoot Grounding or Earthing. This ancient practice means placing your bare feet or walking barefoot on sand or earth. As the earth is one big magnet, it allows the earth's electrons to be absorbed into your body, fighting anti oxidants and lowering inflammation. It is super for increasing immunity and anti ageing and decreasing stress. Our pets do it all the time, balancing their bodies through their paws' connection to the earth and up through their tail.

No wonder they're so chilled, give it a go!

Before I go, Happy Pride Month to everyone in the LGBTQ+ community because #loveislove

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, if you have any questions or queries please get in touch via Facebook @thatnicedoglady, online at or via email

Until next time,

Karen xx

P.s Say hi to your pet for me!

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