Mrs E Venter

I don't know what I would do without That Nice Dog Lady. Buster loves her and jumps up  and down with excitement when she comes to collect him for his walk. He honestly can't wait to get out and about with her. She is a real dog lover and a companion to him; not just someone on the other end of a lead

Mr N Todd

That Nice Dog Lady has minded & cared for my dog Lucy many times, when Lucy sees her coming she runs up with excitement for her strokes & cuddles. Karen has such warmth and compassion with her own & everyone else's dogs often stopping dog walkers for a friendly chat about their dogs. I fully recommend Karen for any dog who will receive plenty of love and attention

Mr T Brown

I would highly recommend That Nice Dog Lady, Autumn and Winter had a ball! They stayed overnight and were very well looked after .  We know that when we go away for 2 weeks they will be in a loving home